This website attempts to gather in one place all of the information on three branches of a FLESHER family, namely the Pendleton Co WV, the Weston WV and the Doe Hill lines of the descendants of the Ober-Seemen Germany FLESHER or FLEISCHER family. Also all of their descendants.

Here is an August 2008 picture of myself. Send me one of yourself.
I cannot help but go into my own ancestry a little.
self portrait The greater portion of my blood is German in the surnames FLESHER, SEYBERT, HARPEL and DENGLER, but I have English blood in the surnames DENTON, FAIRFIELD, GRAVES, HAIGHT, HIBBARD, POPEJOY, THORNE and WINTHROP, and Dutch blood from my DORLAND ancestors, and Irish blood from my ancestor Francis Dawson SWORDS, and Welsh blood from my ancestor David EDWARDS, and Channel Islands blood from my HAVILAND ancestors, and Fresian Island blood from my WANZER ancestors.

The title of this website is "Flesher Family Redwood" which comes from the name of the quarterly hard-copy newsletter started in 1995 by Raymond Clyde FLESHER. It is in its 25th year, costs $15.00 per year and can be had by contacting the editor. Newsletter subscriptions can be purchased by using Venmo and sending the subscription fee to the account of The reason for the title of the newsletter is another story for another time.

I am a cousin of the late founder of Playboy Magazine Hugh HEFNER.
I am a distant cousin of the late Princess Di and thus a cousin of a future King of England.
I am a very distant cousin of the late Princess Grace Kelly (1929-1982) of Monaco.
I am a descendant of the sister and the father of the founder of Boston, MA; John WINTHROP.

Here is a link to a new org chart form for John FLESHER and his family tree,
and Clyde B. FLESHER, my grandfather,
and Ralph E. FLESHER, my father,
and me.

The Descendants List shows all the individuals in the database.

My pedigree chart. The photo above is also a link to my pedigree chart. This is an abbreviated Flesher only pedigree chart.
My extended pedigree chart shows all of the names from which I am descended.

I have put together a kind of time line for myself.

I am working on a table of generations showing my relation to the Winthrop Woman.

I am married to Betty A. HARRIS.

Flesher is the 9,575th most common surname in the US.
Around 2,500 people have Flesher as a last name!
Source: formerly

Write to me via snail mail if that is more convenient for you:
Ray FLESHER, 6281 S Cedar St, Littleton CO 80120-2633.
Thank you.